Monthly Archives: April 2012

4/21 Day 35

Today we hiked the 11.8 miles to Rural Retreat, VA. Here we would pick up a mail drop and stay the night. Forecast was for cold temperatures and possibly snow by the beginning of the week.

Meet a Hiker

From Massachusetts, ‘Big Dumb Animal’ got his nickname from the Marines. Name stuck when he started his thru hike with an 80 pound pack. He got off the trail in Damascus with a knee injury but we’ve adopted one of his ideas. He carried a “sad bag” –  a bag of candy to eat whenever he was lonely, exhausted or sore.

420 Honey Bun Eating Contest

Honey bun hiker eating contest. Grand total of calories equaled 17,000.

4/20 Party Favors

Peep Show and MoTown putting out candy and party favors for the Partnership Shelter party

4/20 Kittens McHoneybuns

Kittens with the pinata and honey buns for the eating contest.

4/20 Morning Magic

Trail magic of cold sodas, oatmeal, ramen noodles, snack mix, oatmeal creme pies, crackers and peanut butter. Trail angels were from a local church and had been restocking trail magic every few days for the past month.

4/20 Day 34

We hiked 19.7 miles in six hours to reach Partnership Shelter. A group of 15 stayed at the two story shelter that night. The shelter had a shower, visitor’s center and road access where you could have pizza delivered. We had a pizza party, a piñata filled with candy and a hiker Honey Bun eating contest.