Hiker Names and Stories

Buddha- hippy from Florida, hiking the trail to spread love and to see the works. He slept with his bear bag as a piwhere when he camped one mile north of Neels Gap and had a bear circling his camp all night.

Bear Bait- from Philadelphia, section hiking through the smokies this season.

Lime Green- man we’ve hiked with since Hawk Mountain. He’s from Tennessee and has section hiked the trail from Georgia to Massachusetts. He’s attempting his first thru hike this year.

Kittens- from New Jersey, working on his PhD in plant science. When talking to his dad about how hikers choose their trail name, he was told not to choose a stupid name like kittens. Kittens it is.

Beowulf- young guy from Maine, has first three lines of Beowulf tattooed in old English on his arm.

Peep Show- guy from NC, named for the broken zipper he sported out of Hiawassee

Smooth Sailin’- computer scientist from Georgia. He has sectioned hike most of the trail and is attempting a thru hike this season. He practices yoga regularly.

Just Walkin’- man from southern Florida, hiking for his bucket list.

Connect Four- named for the pocket sized game she carries with her on the trail. She’s from Delaware, works in construction and is hiking while she waits to get called in for a job. She had a serious back injury playing soccer in high school.

Gunrunner- tried to thru hike last year but has to stop at the end ofsmilies because a tornado hit his father’s house. He retired at age 39, celebrated his 50th birthday on Springer Mountain and is attempting to thru hike again this year. His goal is to smoke the most cigars on the AT.






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