Reflections of GA Section

We hiked 78.5 miles to complete our first state, Georgia. We completed Georgia in 6 1/2 days.

Most miles in a day: 16.2

Least miles in a day: 8.1

Favorite part:

Joe- Standing on the very top of Blood Mountain.

Kathleen- The day we hiked down from Blue Mountain. I loved meeting our trail angels and while we hiked in the rain on Rocky Mountain, we met a lot of thru hikers at the Tray Mountain Shelter.

Least favorite part:

Joe- The hike up Blue Mountain. Hiking over huge rocks while feeling dehydrated made for a long hike to the shelter.

Kathleen- The rainy hike to Plumorchard on our last full day in GA. We hiked in pouring rain the day before and were forced to put all of our cold, wet clothes back on to hike 15.5 mikes. My wet socks created new blisters all over both of my feet.

Hiked the most with: Anthony, Tomas, Lime Green, Bear Bait

Trail Magic: 4 times (Neels Gap, Unicoi Gap, Hogpen Gap)

Money found on the trail: $.01

Overall impressions: Difficult trail not only because we were just getting our “trail legs” but because in GA you summit nearly every mountain you step foot on. The trail in GA has been described as a hairpin trail with many large ups and downs. The trail was really well maintained and well marked.

One thought on “Reflections of GA Section

  1. mikebosworth says:

    Kathleen and Joe,
    Congratulations on making it out of Georgia! Sounds like a lot of mountain tops – grueling, but satisfying, I would guess. Love your pictures and descriptions of fellow hikers. Jackie and I are in San Francisco now with Aron and Emily. Everyone says hi! Good luck, good weather and good hiking!

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