4/14 Day 28

The puppy stayed the whole night! He slept under the table, stood guard all night and followed us out of the shelter. After a few miles with the three of us, we took a side trail to a hostel to try to find the puppy a home but no luck as he continued to follow us. The dog hiked with us and our group of hikers for 15 miles until we hit a populated area with tourists, hostels and road access. Peep Show and Beowulf found two individuals with another dog at the parking area who were willing to take the puppy to the right place. We hiked past Laurel Falls and up to Pond Flats where we intended to camp for the night. The water source was nearly dry so we hiked a few more miles to Watauga Dam Shelter. Longest day so far, we hiked 26.7 miles with the puppy detour!

One thought on “4/14 Day 28

  1. mcbozkwd says:

    Gracie would be proud of you

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