4/15 Day 29

We hiked 21.6 miles today. In the morning we hiked around Watauga Lake, reservoir and dam. We had a big climb out of the lake but hiked on the ridge without many big climbs after. The day felt long and exhausting after our long day the day before. Three miles before the shelter, we came across trail magic. A girl who had hiked the first few hundred miles of the trail this season passed on the trail magic with soda, beer and little debbie treats. Could not have come at a better time! We stayed at Double Spring Shelter and planned to make it into Damascus the following afternoon.

One thought on “4/15 Day 29

  1. Ladd Leavens says:

    Kat (aka Somersault) — Don’t know if you remember me, I am one of your grandfather Bob’s stepsons (and proud of it). My wife Nancy and I have been enjoying your blog very much. We hereby pledge ten cents a mile, and a $100 bonus to the American Cancer Society when you are standing on the top of Mt. Katahdin. Keep up the good work! (You too, Porksteak.)

    Ladd Leavens

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