4/19 Day 33

We woke up to sunshine today! We had great views from behind our shelter of Grayson Highlands State Park. Only .5 miles from the shelter, we saw our first wild ponies. Feral ponies graze in the area and have been known to chew/lick the salt off of hikers and their sweaty backpacks. We saw over two dozen ponies throughout the day, some with foals. In the afternoon we passed over Stone Mountain, Pine Mountain and The Scales. The Scales is an area  where people came to weigh and sell their cattle. The area was moved to its current position in the highlands when farmers realized they could get more money for ther cattle by weighing them higher in the mountains. We climbed over Hurricane Mountain in the late afternoon and landed at Hurricane Mountain Shelter for the night. We had an easy 16 mile day and had one of our earliest arrivals to a shelter since Georgia.

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