NC/TN Border Reflections

We hiked 384.5 miles in North Carolina and Tennessee. Our hike through this section took us 22 days. Since much of our hike in these states was along the border, we will clump our reflection of both states in one.
Most miles hiked in a day: 26.7 into Watauga Lake
Least miles hiked in a day: 4 mi into Franklin, NC
Favorite parts:
Joe- Max Patch and Exposed Ridge Trail
Kathleen- Max Patch and Hump Mountain
Least favorite parts:
Joe- No privies in Tennessee and hardly any white blazes in North Carolina.
Kathleen- Crime in the Smokies, two men went missing the week before we went through and three men hiking were predicted trouble. No privies in Tennessee.
Hiked the most with: Kittens, Beowulf, Peep Show, Big Dumb Animal
Money found on the trail: NC- $0.11, TN- $0.06
Overall impressions: Well maintained and well marked trail in Tennessee. North Carolina wasn’t as well marked. The climbs in both states were different than what we saw in Georgia, we’d hike within a few hundred yards of each summit then begin our descent.

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