4/23 Day 37

We woke up to over an inch of snow today! The ventilation gap in the ceiling of the shelter allowed for gusts of wind to blow snow on those sleeping on the top bunks. We all slept fairly warm considering almost all of us had switched our gear to summer gear. In the shelter, a few local families had left their phone numbers listing them as a shuttle option or a place to stay. Seven of us bundled up and climbed down the mountain in the blustering snow. Two men met us 1.3 miles from the shelter at a road junction with trucks and transported us to Burkes Garden. They took us to one of their homes for warm showers, laundry and coffee then we were driven to another home for lunch, dinner and games. Finally, we split up between the two homes for sleeping. We stayed with five other hikers at Ron and Naomi’s home. We were blown away by their kindness and generosity.

One thought on “4/23 Day 37

  1. kirkwoodhowells says:

    the genoristy of the folks you have met on the trail is mind blowing….

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