4/28 Day 42

We started the day in clouds and light rain. We climbed to Wind Rock at 4,100 ft and watched a lightning storm on the opposite ridge. As we turned to hike down the mountain, light rain changed to pea sized hail. We hiked as quickly as possible to reach shelter at a lower elevation and to escape the hail, lightning and high winds. We took refuge in a shelter for lunch and waited for the rain to slow a bit. The rain was freezing and we decided to get hiking to warm up. At the first road crossing after the shelter, we ran into a man who was refilling trail magic at the top of our next climb. His close friend had hiked the Appalachian Trail and Pacific Crest Trail and was currently hiking the Continental Divide Trail. This man was taking over his friend’s trail angel duties and he offered us beer, bourbon and oatmeal creme pies to fuel us up the mountain. Our climb went quickly and the rain cleared. Beowulf, Kittens and us rushed to catch Peep Show who had a ride coming to pick him up for a zero. His ride brought us honey buns for a treat. We climbed one last steep climb to make it to Sarver Hollow Shelter for the night. We hiked a total of 21 miles for the day.

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