5/4 Day 48

A few miles after Matt’s Creek Shelter, we hit James River Footbridge. The footbridge was at the lowest elevation we had hit so far, 678 feet, and is the longest foot use only bridge on the AT. From the base of the bridge we climbed 2,600 feet to Bluff Mountain.A monument had been constructed on top of Bluff Mountain for a 4 year old boy who went missing in 1890 when he went to collect wood for his schoolhouse. The boy’s body was found in the spot where the monument was constructed and he is said to haunt the shelter at the base of Punchbowl Mountain. After reading an entry in a shelter early this morning, we decided to hike a few extra miles and hitch into the town of Buena Vista. A few hikers were spreading the word of a Bluegrass Jam at a local campground. On the way to Buena Vista we hiked through Brown Mountain Creek Valley where a community of freed slaves lived from the Civil War until 1918. We could see remains of cabins, walls etc. We hitched into Buena Vista with a group of other hikers and set up our tents near the musicians. The Bluegrass Jam consisted of a bunch of individual musicians who traveled with their families. After dinner, we could walk from RV to RV and listen to pick up songs. We hiked 24 miles for the day.

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