5/7 Day 51

We hiked in the rain this morning and were forced to pack up our gear in the rain. We didn’t get a view at Glasshollow Overlook and we hiked in gentle rain and fog until we made it to Waynesboro, 9.6 miles later. We got off the trail right before the entrance to Shenandoah National Park and got a hitch into town quickly from a local shop owner. We decided to stay the night in Waynesboro, picked up our mail drop at the post office, ate at the Chinese buffet with a group of hikers, did our laundry and grocery shopping so we could leave early the next morning. We finalized plans to meet the Howells outside Shenandoah for some time off and found out that we would be able to attend Delfest thanks to Travis and Todd who were willing to pick us up in Pennsylvania!

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