5/9 Day 53

We started our day by finishing the climb to Blackrock, a large stack of rocks at the top of the mountain. After Blackrock we saw our first bear! The bear was less than 10 feet from us and had two cubs with it. The bear ran off when we made noise but it was really exciting to see our first one. We saw another bear and a cub after lunch as well. Five bears total! We crossed Skyline Drive multiple times, hiked around Loft Mountain Campground, over Loft Mountain and past the first northbound wayside. Waysides offer a short order menu with a grill and a sometimes include a camp store with short term resupply. The waysides in Shenandoah are known for their blackberry milkshakes. Loft Mountain wayside was .6 mile off the trail and since we had just resupplied in Waynesboro, we opted to skip this wayside. We reached Hightop Hut where we had planned to stop for the night at 4 p.m. so we decided to hike on to find a camping spot. It started to rain as we left Hightop Hut, we summitted Hightop Mountain and found a preexisting campsite on a ridge just south of South River Picnic Grounds. We hiked 27.2 miles for the day.

One thought on “5/9 Day 53

  1. Kelly Seibert says:

    Miss you all! We can’t believe how fast you are moving!! We bought a new house in kc and we move June 15! Probably won’t see any bears on our journey! Travel safe!

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