5/12 Day 56

Excited to have a shorter day planned, we left the shelter late (close to 9 a.m.). We hiked past access to Front Royal and hiked to Jim and Molly Denton Shelter for lunch. Another hiker who lived near Manassas had left a 24 pack of beer and a bag of oranges at the shelter for hikers passing through. The shelter had an enlarged porch, sun shower and picnic shelter. After the climb down from the shelter we ran into a cooler of cold soda, trail magic left from a former hiker. We hiked past Trillium Trail and planned to stay at Dick’s Dome Shelter for the night. When we arrived at the shelter, we met Glide and Snarf who shared some trail magic treats that had been left in the shelter by day hikers. They also shared that another set of day hikers told them about a winery that was only a mile north from the shelter. We decided to hike on with them and camp for the night. The winery had closed already but we still found a great camping spot, had a nice campfire and we enjoyed strawberries and brownies given to Snarf by the same day hikers who told him about the winery. We hiked 19.1 miles for the day and were really excited to meet the Howells the next morning.

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