Monthly Archives: June 2012

6/19 VT Beavers

A pond near Congdon Shelter damned by beavers.

6/19 Day 94

We woke up to a hot and humid morning. We passed Seth Warner Shelter, Cogdon Shelter and climbed down a set of large, steep stone steps to road access into Bennington. The climb out of Bennington was long and steep so we took a break at Melville Nauheim Shelter for more water. With the heat and humidity what it was, we couldn’t seem to get enough water. We finished our day with a 2,200 ft climb to Goddard Shelter. With families out for summer the shelter was full but we found a great spot to tent in the pines. Black flies, mosquitos and gnats started to become a real problem so tenting worked out for the best. We hiked 24 miles for the day.

6/18 Welcome to Vermont!

The MA-VT state line was marked with a sign for the Long Trail. The AT and LT are concurrent northbound for 105 miles.

6/18 Porcupine!

First porcupine spotted on the trail! They’ve become a menace on certain parts of the trail because of the frequent meals they’ve made out of shelters and the many hikers boots they’ve stolen for the salt residue.

6/18 Mt. Greylock War Memorial

Highest peak in MA at 3491 feet, Veterans War Memorial offered views of the Green, Catskill, and Taconic mountain ranges.

6/18 Back in the Mountains

Mt Greylock and the views from the summit made us feel like we were really beginning our hike in the Northeast.

6/18 New Boots

After 1600 miles, time to switch out Kathleen’s boots. The tops don’t look to bad but the vibram soles had holes in them.