5/29 Day 73

We left the shelter today attempting to make it the 24 miles to Port Clinton. After 6 miles, Pretzel showed us to a rope swing near Hertline Campsite that a friend had told him about. The rope swing went into a damned up spring and Pretzel, Kittens and we all took a turn swinging in. We had a warm afternoon of hiking with not many overlooks or points of interest. When we hit an overlook only a few miles outside of Port Clinton, a huge storm rolled in. The skies got really dark, the wind picked up and we basically ran the rocky, steep descent into Port Clinton. We hit town just as it started to rain. We stayed the night at a free pavilion for hikers at the edge of town with Pretzel. Most of the other hikers who had planned to stay there opted for hitching into Hamburg to get hotel rooms. Pretzel hitched into town for a trip to the Walmart and came back with free cookies and soda from Subway. We had huge storms overnight with flash flooding predicted for the area and we were happy to be in a covered building and up off the ground. We hiked 24.1 miles.

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