Virginia Reflection (only 500 miles late)

Favorite part
Kathleen- Grayson Highlands
Joe- Burkes Garden snow day
Least favorite part
Kathleen- Gray tunnel effect
Joe- Consistently gloomy weather
Overall impression: We loved Virginia. We were told Virginia would be a flat, green tunnel but found that evaluation to be a huge over generalization. We had climbs of 2,000-3,000 feet a few times a week and would have a big climb at least once a day. Virginia could only be called a flat state if you took into consideration the trail terrain after large climbs. Often you would climb a mountain and run the mostly flat ridge for much of the day. The weather in Virginia was rainy and gloomy most of the time. We had rain 11 out of the 32 days we spent in Virginia but we had dense fog almost daily. The fog reduced visibility so we missed a lot of overlooks and saw a lot of the same scenery throughout the day. We saw the most wildlife in Virginia including six bears in Shenandoah. We had the opportunity to cross Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive. The amount of generosity and the amount of trail magic was amazing. This state offered some of the most diverse landscapes from rough rock outcroppings in Grayson Highlands to deep green forests in Shenandoah.
Miles in state: 537 miles
Days in state: 32 (3 zeros)
Money found on trail: $.99

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