6/6 Day 81

We started our hike today in Wawayanda State Park. Only a few miles north of the shelter, we saw a huge black bear! Unlike the black bears we saw in Shenandoah, this bear kept his distance but paid no mind to us. We were finally able to get a photo and we spent nearly a half hour watching the bear wander. After our encounter, we crossed the New Jersey-New York state line. The line was painted on the rocks on the top of a ridge and was accompanied by a trail register nailed into a tree nearby. We stopped for lunch on NY 17 at a hot dog stand and enjoyed the break from the rock climbing we had experienced in the first part of our day. Our day was spent hiking either through swamps or climbing hand and foot over huge rock faced mountains. We saw Eastern Pinnacles, Fitzgerald Falls, climbed to Mombasha High Point, Buchanan Mountain, hiked around Little Dam Lake, over Arden Mountain and over countless unnamed peaks. As exhaustion began to really set in and as we entered Harriman State Park, a beautiful combination of rain and sunlight hit. Harriman had some of the most beautifully lush, green grasses and some of the most well maintained trail we’ve seen so far. Our last challenges of the day were climbing through the Lemon Squeezer, a tight squeeze through two boulders which forced you to lift your pack over your head while walking through, and the climb over Island Pond Mountain. We passed the New York Long Path that stretches 52 miles taking you into Manhattan just miles before the shelter. We reached Fingerboard Shelter just before sunset. We hiked a total of 26.4 miles of some of the most physically taxing terrain so far.

One thought on “6/6 Day 81

  1. mary stecher says:

    Black bears are very common in n.j. in fact many times are noted in suburban areas. Never spoken of as aggressive……….but I wouldn’t take my chances. What a treat to observe one for such a long time. Before I even read this note I knew a hot dog could be had at that stand. I’m thinking St. Christopher is still doing his thing:)

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