6/7 Day 82

We woke up exhausted from the marathon of rock climbing we had done the day before. We decided we would stay the night in Bear Mountain as we were a few hundred miles overdue for a real bed. We climbed the remainder of Fingerboard Mountain in the morning soaking our shoes in the wet grasses. We climbed Black Mountain and had views of the New York City skyline. We climbed West Mountain and had views of Perkins Memorial Tower where we would be in just a few miles. We climbed up Bear Mountain to reach the tower and were very thankful for the new trail that had been installed with large rock steps. After stopping for a look at the tower, we climbed down to reach Bear Mountain Recreation Area and Hessian Lake. There were huge crowds near the lake enjoying the great weather. The trail then passed through the Trailside Zoo. The lowest point of elevation on the AT is actually in front of the bear pit. It was a strange experience especially to see black bears in a zoo as we had seen one on the trail the day before. We hiked 15.4 miles and stayed the night at Overlook Lodge in Bear Mountain State Park.

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