Pennsylvania Reflections

Favorite part
Joe- Duncannon and Doyle Hotel
Kathleen- Lehigh Climb over Palmerton
Least favorite part
Joe and Kathleen- ROCKS! Sharp, oddly shaped and covering literally inch of the trail.
Overall impression
The southern portion of Pennsylvania was beautiful with great shelters and gorgeous hiking. Just like with Virginia, there were huge over generalizations about the trail. We were told to expect rocks for the entire Pennsylvania portion, for the last 60 miles, for the last 30 miles and the last 6 miles. For us, we noticed the trail becoming consistently covered with rocks right after leaving Port Clinton. Whether the bad weather, challenging terrain, long days or a combination of all, we very much disliked the last 60 miles of Pennsylvania. We found ourselves exhausted physically and mentally for the those last few days and we found ourselves, for the first time, ready to be in another state. Overall, Pennsylvania was our least favorite state and while we appreciate it for the challenge it was but we will not be going back to hike that section of the AT any time soon.
Miles hiked in state: 230 miles
Days: 14 days
Zeros: Two for Delfest, Del-Yeah!
Money found on trail: $.03

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