6/10 Day 85

Hiking on a Sunday meant no hot dogs at the school bus (turned hot dog stand) on Rt. 55 but we were determined to make it to a deli by lunch. We passed by Nuclear Lake, a lake near where an old plutonium factory stood in the 70’s. There was a chemical explosion in 1972 and the factory was shut down. Water at the lake was tested and found to be safe so the lake is open for public use. At lunch, we ran into a trail maintainer named Sasquatch and his dog Hank. Sasquatch offered to drive us to a deli off the trail, wait for us to get our food and return us to the trail. We had our first NY deli experience and it was incredible! Huge portions of meat stacked high with all the extras. We ate at the Appalachian Trail Railroad Station that takes hikers into/out of New York City. After lunch we passed Pawling Nature Reserve and crossed into Conneticut for the first time! We stayed at Ten Mile River Shelter where we had the opportunity to swim before dinner. We tented with the rain fly off and watched fire flies light up the field in front of our shelter. We hiked 20.6 miles for the day.

One thought on “6/10 Day 85

  1. kirkwoodhowells says:

    I can finally tell Amy that you ran into sasquatch…she keeps asking. real glAD U DIDNT SWIM IN NUCLEAR LAKE…THAT MAKES ME JUST A WEE BIT ….HMMMM

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