6/11 Day 86

We left the shelter with an extra companion today. A section hiker passed Bearbell Chicken on for us to carry in CT. Bearbell Chicken is a Rubber chicken that is being passed from thru hiker to thru hiker raising awareness and money for the Wounded Warrior Project. The two hikers hiking for the cause ask that thru hikers pass the chicken and take pictures of him at points of interest along the way. With Bearbell Chicken strapped to Joe’s pack, we climbed over Schaghticoke Mountain near the Schaghticoke Indian Reservation. We hiked into the town of Kent so we could pick up a mail drop, do some laundry and have a meal. Aside from the kind people who offered us a ride to town, we found we were met with a lot of hostility here. Individuals at the laundromat and the restaurant where we ate lunch were extremely rude and treated us horribly because we were hikers. We hoped we just ran into these individuals on a bad day and that not all hikers were treated this way. We decided to make it a short day and headed for the shelter a few miles north of town. We climbed to Caleb’s Peak and down the steep stone stairs at St. John’s Ledges to arrive at Stewart Hollow Brook Shelter. Another great night to tent without the rain fly on. We hiked 15.7 miles.

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