6/13 Day 88

Our morning consisted of putting on wet clothes, wet socks and shoes and packing up a soaking wet tent in the rain. We climbed Mt. Prospect and walked past views of Bear Mountain, Mt. Race and Mt. Everett, our afternoon climbs. We walked into the town of Salisbury to buy some groceries and were greeted by some of the most genuine people we’ve met thus far. Cute town, great people and the sun started to show. After a short resupply, we hiked to Lion’s Head View, over Bear Mountain and down through Sages Ravine. At the north end of the ravine we crossed into Massachusetts! Our first big climb in MA was up to the Mt. Race ridgeline that we’d follow for close to a mile. We then climbed the near vertical face of Mt. Everett and back down the rock slabs on the other side. Difficult as it was, we were glad to be climbing up/down this mountain when the rocks were somewhat dry. We stayed at Hemlocks Shelter for the night. We  set up our tent to dry out overnight and ended up having to sleep in the tent IN the shelter to avoid the increasing bug problem. We hiked 20 miles today.

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