6/21 Day 96

The heat and the bugs woke us up early. We packed up and hiked out quickly to reach Manchester Center, VT. Over 5 miles off the trail, we had a surprisingly easy time hitching into town for resupply, lunch and laundry. We caught up with a few thru hikers who had a car on loan from someone they met hiking early on and they offered us a ride back up to the trail in time to meet Kevin, one of the innkeepers from Bromley View Inn. The Inn was a wonderful place situated in between Stratton Mountain, Bromley Mountain and Magic Mountain. They had a great wrap around porch for relaxing, a few friendly labradors, a bar featuring their own recipe brewed locally, and their young niece who offered us a tour of their Alpaca farm. The inn was booked up for the weekend because of a yoga retreat, Wanderlust, taking place on Stratton Mountain and one of the headlining musical artists, Ani DiFranco, stayed at the inn as well. Kevin and Kami made us feel very welcome and we spent the whole evening relaxing on the wrap around porch. Only downside of the day was learning that a raccoon had gotten into our mail drop and had eaten 4 out of our 5 dinners, our jello, drinks and all of our snickers…hungry raccoon! We hiked 8.7 miles total for the day.

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