6/24 Day 99

We started our day with a climb up Beacon Hill and found cold water as trail magic at the bottom. At Cold River Road we ran into a 2.5 mile road detour through a residential mountain neighborhood. The detour was necessary because of severe damage to the area from Hurricane Irene. We climbed 2,500 feet to Cooper Lodge Shelter near the summit of Mt. Killington. We took the steep side trail to the summit and got clear views of the White Mountains of New Hampshire and the Adirondacks of New York. Before we turned down the Sherburne Pass Trail to get to Killington, VT we hit Maine Junction where the AT and Long Trail separate. We hiked .5 mile on a side trail to the Inn at Long Trail. The inn is famous for both AT and LT hikers, offer bunk space, a bar with food and a green space across the road for tenting. When we arrived, a former thru hiker was leaving and offered to give us along with Snarf a ride to Long Trail Brewing. His name was Handstand and he offered us leftover beer and soda as trail magic before he left. We had a great meal, great drinks and had a fun time hitching back to the inn. Seven hikers camped in the green area across from the inn, enjoyed desserts, darts and drinks and tented in the rain overnight. We hiked 19.7 miles today.

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