6/27 Day 102

Today we took a late start since we only had 5.9 miles to get us into Hanover. We had 2.5 miles of our hike as a road walk through Norwich and into Hanover. We received trail magic three times on the way into town! We received cookies in a cooler on the trail, watermelon and banana bread outside someone’s home and cookies and chocolate outside another home. Right before walking into Hanover, we crossed the New Hampshire state line! We had a great stay in town, got our winter clothing back in preparation for the White Mountains and stayed at Phi Tau. The co-ed fraternity welcomed us, gave us a place to stay, a place to shower and let us into a dorm to do our laundry. Hanover was by far our favorite trail town with businesses that offered free food and people who warmly welcomed us.

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