7/4 Day 109

We woke up to rainy weather but the skies had cleared up by the time we finished our morning chores. The chores consisted of folding blankets and sweeping the bunk rooms and we received egg casserole, hash browns, corn bread, oatmeal and coffee in return. Our hike out of Zealand Falls was a nice ridge walk on sandy trail almost all the way to Crawford Notch. We were able to hitch into the visitor center and lodge with Beowulf and Snarf for lunch. After our long break, we made the steep ascent to Webster Cliffs, Mt. Webster and Mt. Jackson. Just as we passed the summit of Jackson, the weather started to turn and it began to thunder, lightning and pour. We hiked the last two miles quickly to Mizpah Hut but still ended up soaking wet. We were lucky to arrive when we did as the hut had already accepted five other hikers for work for stay and, with the weather, agreed to accept us as well. We opted to take the morning shift of chores and spent the evening taking on the hut’s challenge to finish the nearly thirty leftover chicken parmesans. Between five of the guys, they successfully finished every last one. We ended our night with sparklers to celebrate the 4th given to us by a past thru hiker. We hiked 14.3 miles.

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