7/5 Day 110

We woke up to clouds, rain and a weather forecast for 45-60 mph winds on Mt. Washington. We decided to hike the 4.9 miles to Lake of the Clouds Hut, which sits 1,200 feet directly below Mt. Washington’s summit, and reevaluate our plan if the weather didn’t clear. We completed our work for stay chores of sweeping bunk rooms and the dining room and headed out in the rain. We hiked over Mt. Pierce and Mt. Franklin and around the summit of Mt. Eisenhower and Mt. Monroe. We arrived at Lake of the Clouds Hut early, dried off, warmed up and decided to try and get wrk for stay so we could hike over Mt. Washington and the northern presidential range on a clear day. We had arrived at the hut too early to guarantee work for stay so us, Beowulf and Snarf went out to hike over Mt. Monroe in the clouds. When we returned we were told we could stay and we spent the rest of the afternoon at the hut playing games and dressing up in costumes supplied by the croo. Our work for the night consisted of scrubbing pots, deep cleaning the kitchen and organizing can foods. Six hikers stayed the night and we hoped for a clear day the following.

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