7/16 Day 121

The terrain in the morning was very flat and we enjoyed hiking near the many ponds, lakes and streams including East Carry Pond with its sand beach. We took a break at Pierce Pond Lean-to and visited the memorial for a 20 year old thru hiker named Parkside who had drowned here earlier in the season after cramping up during a swim. He had written an entry in a register the same day of his death and included the quote, “The key to happiness is freedom. The key to freedom is courage.” Shortly after Pierce Pond we arrived at the Kennebec River. The river is so wide and the water levels change so rapidly that a ferry ride is required to ford. The ferry is run by a man and a canoe and only runs certain hours of the day. We got the afternoon ferry then climbed up to Pleasant Pond Shelter. We arrived so early that we decided to push on and climb Pleasant Pond Mountain so we wouldn’t have to the next morning. We found a primitive campsite on the north side of the mountain and set up camp. We wanted to try for Monson the next day but were worried about Kathleen’s back. The humidity and heat over the past few days led to hiking in soaking wet clothes which then led to cuts and chafing all over her back. We hiked 21.7 miles for the day.

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