Connecticut Reflection

Connecticut Reflection
Favorite part
Kathleen- town of Salisbury
Joe- Carrying the Bearbell Chicken
Least favorite part
Kathleen and Joe- leaking tent from constant pouring rain
Overall reflection
We weren’t in CT for long and the state left us with mixed emotions. We were treated horrible in Kent but were welcomed in Salisbury, we had beautiful weather for the first part of the state and the worst rain we’d had this far up until nearly the border, and the bugs had started to wear on us but we were hopeful that we would be moving quick enough to miss the worst of the bug season.
Miles hiked in state-50.5 miles
Days spent in state- 2 days

One thought on “Connecticut Reflection

  1. kirkwoodhowells says:

    who did you give the bear bell chiken to and how long did u carry it?

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