7/25 Day 130

With all the excitement, we had a hard time sleeping and decided to get up at 4 am in order to be on the trail as the sun was rising. We made a stop at the ranger station where we emptied our packs aside from snacks, cameras and jackets. We passed through Katahdin Stream Campground and over Katahdin Stream Falls. Right as we climbed above tree line and we began our technical climbing, the wind picked up and started to pull us around. We found Hot Sauce, who had started his summit hike at 2 am in an attempt to catch sunrise, and hid in a protected area to wait for the wind to settle. When Snarf hiked by we all decided to begin climbing again. We had a section of technical climbing with rebars and rock climbing then a large flat section called The Tableland before beginning our final ascent to the summit. We were in the clouds with no view when we entered The Tablelands but the skies opened up when we approached our final climb and we had beautiful views of the summit! We reached the summit with Hot Sauce and Snarf and celebrated with cheers, photos and champagne. We sat on the summit for hours while we waited for the rest of our group to summit. There were 11 of us that summited together. We experienced so many emotions, many of which we can’t put into words properly. Elated, proud, sad, thankful, excited. Utterly bittersweet.

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