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Six months away from family and friends, we would love to hear from you!

We will be carrying a smartphone that will allow us the ability to make phone calls, text, email, and update our blog with stories and photos. Our accessibility to all of these will of course depend on reception and how often we can recharge. Part of our journey is learning how to connect with our surroundings and disconnect digitally so our phone will not be continuously on. We expect to update every 7-10 days and would love to hear from you!

Phone #: 314-717-7586

E-mail:   OR

Our parents will be mailing us packages every 6-14 days with food, supplies and goodies. If you would like to add something to a package feel free to contact Kathleen’s parents, Kim and Brian, at The dates/towns could change depending on our hiking speed and how many break days we take so contact our parents if there’s a certain place you’d like to send to. We’re planning to resupply with mail drops in the following towns:

Neel Gap, GA (est. ship date of 3/15) SHIPPED

Fontana Dam, NC (est. ship date of 3/29) SHIPPED

Hot Springs, NC (est. ship date of 4/2) SHIPPED

Damascus, VA (est. ship date of 4/11) SHIPPED

Atkins, VA (est. ship date of 4/8) SHIPPED

Pearisburg, VA (est. ship date of 4/21) SHIPPED

Daleville, VA (est. ship date of 4/24) SHIPPED

Waynesboro, VA (est. ship date of 5/1) SHIPPED

Harper’s Ferry, WV (est. ship date of 5/12) SHIPPED

Duncannon, PA (est. ship date of 5/21)

Delaware Water Gap, PA (est. ship date of 5/29)

Kent, CT (est. ship date of 6/7)

Cheshire, MA (est. ship date of 6/15)

Manchester Center, VT (est. ship date of 6/20)

Hanover, NH (est. ship date of 6/25)

Glencliff, NH (est. ship date of 6/29)

Gorham, NH (est. ship date of 7/8)

Stratton, ME (est. ship date of 8/10)

Monson, ME (est. ship date of 8/18)

4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Deanna Stacy (work with Athalia) says:

    I wish you both the best journey possible. I am in awe of your taking on this journey! Good Luck.

  2. Mom & Dad says:

    We see where you have camped Sun & Mon night. The map doesn’t show much description but we have a general idea of where you are. Weather report looked good for a couple days. Assume you’re working out all the kinks of a new routine. Love ya xoxox

  3. Rick says:

    Kat and Joe – I just got off the phone with Kelly (regretfully my phone is on 24/7) and it appears Mike is finishing the assembly of his gear and is planning on meeting you in Damascus, VA on April 19th. He is bringing a refrigerator, microwave and portable shower for the remainder of the hike! Hope all is well!!

  4. rainey says:

    I love your blog, and I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. ~Rainey

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